Watch Guide: How to Find the Perfect Watch for Your Man

Are you thinking of getting a watch as a gift for the love of your life. Buying men’s watches in Malaysia is a lot different from women watch shopping. Help your man stay in perfect style by getting him the perfect timepiece he can wear this holiday season.

Casual and Classic

A brown or black leather watch band, and a basic white face with big numbers can bring a timeless vibe that works from daytime to evening. It can be worn at the office, on date night an even at semi-casual occasions.

If your sweetheart is quite rough with stuff, and prefers a rugged appearance, he may like a leather cuff watch more.

The watch as an active accessory

Sports watches are just as crucial as classic timepieces in a man’s accessory arsenal. Sports watches are highly durable, and are typically created from plastic material. There are also tons of options available, since they are available in a variety of price points, looks and colors. You can also enjoy several features, from backlights and compasses to GPS and pulse monitors. Whether he planning to play football or training for a triathlon, he would surely enjoy wearing this.

If he loves diving and extreme sports, go for a diving watch. It is designed to withstand a depth of around 300 feet, and balances luxury and high function.

For formal occasions

A formal watch is an important part of man’s watch collection. It is worn in special occasions. If you have a big budget, and wants to buy one for your man, here are some quick guidelines.

  • Make it personal. Take note of his personal preferences when watch shopping. You would want that timepiece to make him feel special.
  • Consider the watches he already owns. If possible, match the watch band to his cufflinks and other accessories. You can also pick a leather band in that color that works best with his dress clothes.
  • Let his own style and personality dictate how much the timepiece must sparkle. Your local jeweler surely has a vast spectrum of jewels available in order to decorate your man’s new dress watch. Just don’t forget to prioritize his comfort level.

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