Two of Google Founders


According to some historical records, Google was created from a garage in Menlo Park, California, USA. The design of the search engine continued to develop, until eventually Google obtained a formal patent that had been established by Stanford University. The ever -growing company Google Inc. eventually built and expanded its company in Mountain View, California, USA. See more unifi broadband package .


Basically the term Google itself is a term derived from a wrong word “gogol”. The wrong word resulted in a name “Google” that is known to many people to this day. “Gogol” is a term in mathematical science coined by a scientist named Milton Sirota, which leads to the number one, followed by a hundred zeros behind it.

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The reason the name “Gogol” wants to be used on search engines that has been discovered by Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin is a reflection of the company he has created. They hope that the search engine companies they have created will be able to manage the various kinds of information that exist in cyberspace. Google officially obtained the patent in 2001 with Lawrence Edward Page as its inventor.


Although Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin have discovered and developed the Google search engine and have built the company Google Inc., but now, they are both no longer at Google. In other words, the Google Inc. company was no longer held by Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin and the leadership of Google Inc. was handed over to Sundar Pichai.


Thanks to the two inventors of Google, it has become easier to find a variety of information in the “virtual world”. Therefore, we can find and know various kinds of events abroad easily. In short, Google is a search engine in the “virtual world” that is quite popular to this day.


Google Discoverer

As previously explained, the inventors of Google were two Stanford University students named Lawrence Edward Page and Sergey Brin. Below is a brief biography of the two Google inventors


  1. Lawrence Edward Page

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Larry Page’s father, Carl Victor Page was one of the people who played a role in the development of computer science and artificial intelligence. In addition, the father also began to be a lecturer, a lecturer at Michigan State University in 1967. Meanwhile, the mother also became an instructor and gave Computer Programming lessons at Lyman Briggs College of Michigan State University.


Apparently, the backgrounds of both his parents made Larry Page have more skills in computer technology. His interest in technology, especially in computers, was actually seen when Larry Page was 6 years old. In fact, thanks to his ability, while still in elementary school, Larry Page has successfully completed the task of word processing software.


  1. Sergey Brin


The inventor and developer of the next Google search engine was Sergey Brin, who was born in Moscow, Russia on August 21, 1973. Although born in Russia, he and his family migrated to the United States. They migrated when Sergey Brin was 6 years old. His childhood life was almost spent in Adelphi, Maryland. Sergey Brin has a full name, namely Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin and his father’s name is Michael Brin. Sergey Brin’s father was a professor of mathematics at the University of Maryland.


Sergey Brin received his high school education at Eleanor Roosevelt’s school and graduated in 1990. After graduating high school, he continued his studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Thanks to his abilities, he managed to complete his studies in just three years, and even received the highest honors in computer science and mathematics.


Sergey Brin began developing the Google search engine, when he met Larry Page at the same university, Stanford University. The search engine they created was originally called BackRub which can be run using the web from its campus, Stanford University. The search engine or search engine that they created is growing, so they are looking for a suitable name for the search engine they created.

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