Important Features to Look for in a Web Hosting Provider

Everything you spend money on should be carefully considered because money just doesn’t grow on trees.

If you are looking for a top hosting company, what are the features that you should look at before signing up for one?

Today, I am going to be talking about the most important features that a web hosting provider can give so that you can consider your money to be well spent.


A lot of web hosting providers out there would typically tout their own servers as being ‘the fastest’ ones out there. But of course, do not instantly fall for this common marketing tactic because you still need to conduct your own research to find out if they are telling the truth or not.

Speed is always going to be a major consideration when you are getting a web host. Google announced that page loading speeds will severely affect your page ranking, that is why you need to focus your efforts on a hosting company that provides you with such. ‘Speed’, in this context, can refer to many things. Aside from fast page loading times, it could also mean the speed on how fast a server can handle HTTP requests.

A web hosting company, therefore, must use solid state drives, a content delivery network, and a host of other improvements to ensure that speed is definitely something that they can deliver without any problems.


Bandwidth, in this context, just refers to the amount of data that is being channeled to your users whenever they access your website. Most hosting providers nowadays offer ‘unlimited bandwidth’ but that is predicated by the notion that you are actually not going to use up all of their server’s available resources.

You see, most people who own websites make use of their platforms as part of their personal blogs or portfolios. That means that so long as you are not expecting an unusually high amount of internet traffic, you will not use up all of the bandwidth that they are offering.

How much bandwidth you should get will depend on how much internet traffic you are expecting.


Storage is the amount of data that you are given as part of your hosting requirements. If you are running a personal blog and you do not need to post high-quality images, 1 or 2GB of data storage should suffice. However, if you are running a portfolio website or one that houses so many files, you are going to need more than 2GB. Of course, that will entirely depend on your requirements but in most cases, what is offered in affordable hosting plans should suffice for most users.


One of the major concerns about people who want to get a web hosting provider is that they usually do not know how much bandwidth or storage they would need right off the bat. That is because you are not exactly sure how successful your website is going to be.

That is why when you are looking for a web host, make sure that you go with one that allows you to upgrade seamlessly in the future. For instance, if you are currently subscribed to a shared hosting plan and you’re thinking of upgrading to a VPS hosting scheme, how easy (or hard) would it be to do so?

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