Event Marketing 101: Getting People to Attend Your Event

1. Make a detailed event marketing plan.

Whether you are organizing a fundraiser, concert or corporate event, you need to make a detailed event marketing plan. The more organized and thorough you are, the more successful the event will be.

2. List down the reasons why your target market must attend.

Never assume that the reasons are too obvious. When promoting events, tell your target market why they must be there, who they will meet and what will they learn. A good starting point is to look at the strategies of the best event companies in Malaysia.

3. Advertise on social media networks.

Use social media for your event promotion initiatives. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram provide in-depth targeting options that can help you reach out to your target audience. The good news? No big budget is required.

4. Use Instagram and Twitter hashtags.

Twitter is an amazing platform for promoting events, and for establishing a sense of community around a specific event. It’s important to set a unique Twitter hashtag in the early stages of your promotion. Moreover, make sure to prepare lots of engaging visuals connected to your event. You can post them on Instagram, and gain a wider audience.

5. Create engaging promotional videos.

Low-budget promotional videos can contribute to the success of your event. All you need is a small amount of money, a poster board, a good smartphone camera and royalty-free music.

6. Collaborate with social media influencers.

Be smart with social media influencers. At this day and age, influencer marketing is one of the keys to online success. Involve local bloggers and social media starts to participate in you event.

7. Let your guests register online.

Focus on your guests’ convenience by using online registration. By doing so, you can secure many guests in a short period of time. If you want, you can also provide early bird tickets at affordable rates.

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