Create a Modern Country Home by Following These Interior Design Ideas

What are the things that come to your mind when you think about a country home?

Well, you’re probably thinking about traditional furnishings and interiors and you are right.

However, professional interior designers from some of the top interior design firms in Malaysia would argue that marrying contemporary design can also hold equal sway as well.

So, if you are planning to create your own ‘modern’ country home, follow these amazing interior design ideas:


A lot of people would instantly assume that a country home is devoid of any decoration, but that is not something that is implemented today.

Modern country homes are those that would still follow some traditional elements, but adding a floral or botanical motif will not hurt the look and feel of a traditional country home. If anything, it will make it even more dramatic.

Another way you can put up a modern country home would be to make use of geometrics by adding some repeating shapes and even a simple chevron. You can accentuate that by using wallpapers or even detailed filigree patterns as well.


Another characteristic of a modern country home is by adding texture to the walls to add a more dramatic appeal. Rough and organic surfaces, as well as adding some rich natural patina, are all elements that need to be added in any country home in this day and age.

Although it is up to the homeowner to make everything look pristine as possible, having that barebones look can actually bring someone back to a house’s traditional roots. You can also add some reclaimed wood to reinforce your walls and to add texture to them, as well as putting such wood in the different layers of the house as well, including the kitchen, the living room, just to name a few.


Opt for classic furniture that has crisp silhouettes. Adding some furniture that is made of glazed or metal material can also feel at home in modern country houses.

Reclaimed Items

Most interior designers nowadays are making use of recyclable materials as it not only helps the environment but also give any home an interesting look.

Look for anything that you can use that might have a marred look. Anything that looks old that can be dusted off can be placed in the different areas of your house. In fact, interior designers would even encourage people to make use of reclaimed items as opposed to spending a lot of money on new things, especially if you are aiming for that contemporary country home look.


For the most part, you can use any color that you want, provided that you actually want to be looking at it most of the time. You can use chalky blush pink, deep teal blue, coral, mustard yellow, and charcoal as some color options that you can make, but just about anything will suffice.

Make use of deeper colors to highlight specific areas like your alcoves, for example, and you can even make use of your paint to give new color to your existing furniture if you wish.

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