Affiliate Marketing 101

Are you looking for interesting affiliate products that you can offer in Malaysia? Engaging in affiliate marketing is an amazing idea at this digital age. Dealing with this kind of marketing means that a merchant pays you, as the affiliate, some commissions once an actual sale is made under your affiliate link.

As a newbie, you might be a bit clueless about managing an affiliate marketing business. Do a bit of research first. Why not take inspiration from giant companies? Amazon is actually the pioneer of the affiliate program method. Don’t worry, it’s not just a thing of big companies. Even if you are a newbie, your affiliate marketing business has a big chance of making it big. All you need is the right niche, and a brilliant promotion strategy.

Affiliate Marketing: A Win-Win Siutation

Merchant Advantage

The merchant cost for advertising and promoting a specific product is very much limited to the amount paid to the affiliates. Also, this is only paid once the purchase was made. This is a lot better compared to banner advertising. In implementing banner ads, the merchant pays the affiliate whether or not an official purchase occurs.

If the visitor liked the entire experience and product offerings, then he or she is most likely to go back to the platform, and buy another item again. If this person uses another affiliate link, then the affiliates would get credit for that as well.

Website Owner Advantage

The website owner would continue earning more as long as individuals click on their affiliate links, and finalize their purchases. There is no need to set up complex ecommerce functions, ship products and take credit cards. All you need to is join affiliate programs, and let the merchants do all the work.


Keep this mind as a beginner: if something affiliate marketing-related sounds and appears too good to be true, then maybe it is. Be realistic. Consider your affiliate program income as a nice bonus, not a primary source of revenue. This business can grow, though. To come up with a substantial income, you would need lots of traffic, a program with generous, reliable payout policies, and the right products that caters to your target audience.

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