A Simple Guide to Choosing a Breast Pump

As you can tell, a breast pump is one of the necessities for every parent because breastmilk is still best for babies up to two years.

That being said, women should get a breast pump if they are not able to directly feed their baby from their breasts, they are going to be away for a few hours or so from their newborn, or if you suffer from circumstances that hamper your natural milk production.

Whatever the case may be, a breast pump is still considered an essential thing to have if you are raising a newborn. That being said, they can typically be found in online baby stores.

Today, I am going to provide you with a simple guide to help you choose the right pump for you.

When Will Be the Best Time to Buy a Pump?

Well, that will entirely depend on your circumstances. For example, there are some mothers that might not be able to nurse their babies after birth. In such cases, the hospital will provide them with a pump that they can use while they’re still in the institution.

Buying a breast pump also makes sense if you are going to return to work after a couple of months. Maternity leaves are different in every country. There are some that would give them only a few months (2-4 months of paid leave), while there are others that would give the mother a full year to be with their babies.

If you are going back to work and you need to provide your baby with breastmilk, then buying a breast pump can be useful in your situation.

Not All Pumps Are the Same

Never waste your money on cheap pumps because they can easily break down and are often quite loud. On top of that, they might not give you the best possible experience as well and it may lead to nipple damage.

Always check the quality of the pump. Never buy them from stores that specialize in baby milk bottles and nipples, simply because they do not really give much thought about their own breast pumps.

When you are going to buy one, make sure that you explore different fit options. When you see the words “pump fit”, it means the nipple and not the actual size of your breast.

Pump nipple tunnels come in a variety of shapes and sizes so get one that provides you with comfort and efficiency.

Different Types

There are three different types of breast pumps. The first one is for occasional use- typically between one to three times a day. They usually have a 30-90-day warranty and they are small and inefficient (and mostly suited for parents who do not have a lot of money or those that have plenty of time).

For regular use, I suggest that you get those double pumps, especially if you are going to work and will be away from your newborn for a couple of hours. They are quite efficient and can extract plenty of breastmilk, albeit quite expensive at the same time.

The last type of pump are those hospital-grade ones and are only given to you by the medical institution if you suffer from a condition that makes it difficult for you to nurse your newborn by yourself.

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