6 Advantages of Mobile Apps Over Websites

Back in the day, entrepreneurs rely heavily on their business websites to help remove geographical restrictions so that they can cater to a much wider audience. For a time, that seems to be the case. Then, the mobile revolution happened.

Ever since Google announced that websites need to be optimized for mobile devices, there is a sudden shift in trend. Google cannot deny the fact that there are now more mobile users than desktop users and businesses that do not adapt to the mobile app space are surely going to be left out.

That is why you have to confer to a mobile app development company and have your application be developed asap.

Here are some advantages mobile apps have over websites:

Increased Functionality

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are equipped with different sensors and cameras which means that app developers can create an app in such a way that makes use of some or all of these features.

For instance, if your business requires account authentication by making your customers snap a real-time photo of themselves, you can certainly do that since these devices are equipped with cameras.

Although a similar feature could be implemented on websites, not a lot of people have webcams and certainly not all people are using desktop or laptop computers nowadays.

App Notifications

When a person installs your application on their mobile devices, you can use that as a means to use in-app push notifications to help tell your users that you are having a sale, product promotion, or the introduction of new products or services. This gives you huge savings as you no longer have to spend huge sums of money on traditional advertising just to do the same thing.


Do you want to know how to improve your conversion rate? Offer a more personalized experience. Apps can make use of a mobile device’s GPS and sensors to provide accurate location-based services to your customers.

Aside from that, by looking at past data and customer behavior patterns, you can provide suitable recommendations based on what the app has learned about your specific customer.

Offline Use

Despite the fact that the only way for customers to truly utilize every feature of the app is to have it connected to the internet, you can devise an application that can be run even when a user is offline. Just incorporate some basic features in your application so that users can still enjoy what you have to offer, albeit in a more diminutive state.

Impactful Design

Mobile devices have touchscreens that allow users to make use of certain gestures to complete a certain action. For instance, your users can pinch their screens to zoom a photo or video and you can utilize this on the products that you have to offer.

So Much Better

Seriously, do you know how easy and convenient it is to use an application more than a website? On a website, you have to do at least three things in order for you to access a certain webpage. A mobile app, in comparison, only requires a single tap to do the same thing.

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