3 Primary Website Design Choices

So, you want to create a new website with a unique design? You can set up your own website using the following methods. Which of the following would work best for you?

Work with an agency

Cost: $3,000+

This is probably the most effective design option that you can buy. If you can afford to hire an agency to give your new website a full treatment, go ahead. Working with a web design agency can be expensive, but it’s a worthy investment in the long run. What’s even more amazing is that you will have the chance to work with professional specialists–a UX designer, graphic designer, SEO engineer, content writer and developer.

DIY using a template website

Cost: $0 to $300

Platforms such as Wix, WordPress, Weebly and Squarespace can help you develop your own website in the comforts in your own home. You don’t need to learn how to code, it works through drag-and-drop elements.

Hire a freelance website designer

Cost: $500 – $5,000+

By hiring a freelancer, you can properly balance the costs, as well as the final product’s quality. Keep in mind that if you want to resort to this option, you must be ready to collaborate thoroughly with your freelance web designer. Hiring one is more like a collaboration, not outsourcing.


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