Create a Modern Country Home by Following These Interior Design Ideas

What are the things that come to your mind when you think about a country home?
Well, you’re probably thinking about traditional furnishings and interiors and you are

However, professional interior designers from some of the top interior design firms in
Malaysia would argue that marrying contemporary design can also hold equal sway as

So, if you are planning to create your own ‘modern’ country home, follow these amazing
interior design ideas:


A lot of people would instantly assume that a country home is devoid of any decoration,
but that is not something that is implemented today.

Modern country homes are those that would still follow some traditional elements, but
adding a floral or botanical motif will not hurt the look and feel of a traditional country
home. If anything, it will make it even more dramatic.

Another way you can put up a modern country home would be to make use of
geometrics by adding some repeating shapes and even a simple chevron. You can
accentuate that by using wallpapers or even detailed filigree patterns as well.


Another characteristic of a modern country home is by adding texture to the walls to add
a more dramatic appeal. Rough and organic surfaces, as well as adding some rich
natural patina, are all elements that need to be added in any country home in this day
and age.

Although it is up to the homeowner to make everything look pristine as possible, having
that barebones look can actually bring someone back to a house’s traditional roots.
You can also add some reclaimed wood to reinforce your walls and to add texture to
them, as well as putting such wood in the different layers of the house as well, including
the kitchen, the living room, just to name a few.


Opt for classic furniture that has crisp silhouettes. Adding some furniture that is made of
glazed or metal material can also feel at home in modern country houses.

Reclaimed Items

Most interior designers nowadays are making use of recyclable materials as it not only
helps the environment but also give any home an interesting look.
Look for anything that you can use that might have a marred look. Anything that looks
old that can be dusted off can be placed in the different areas of your house.
In fact, interior designers would even encourage people to make use of reclaimed items
as opposed to spending a lot of money on new things, especially if you are aiming for
that contemporary country home look.


For the most part, you can use any color that you want, provided that you actually want
to be looking at it most of the time.
You can use chalky blush pink, deep teal blue, coral, mustard yellow, and charcoal as
some color options that you can make, but just about anything will suffice.
Make use of deeper colors to highlight specific areas like your alcoves, for example, and
you can even make use of your paint to give new color to your existing furniture if you wish.

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Flying with A Baby Tips – Top Tips from Booking to Arrival

I began this site as flying with newborn baby care assets (with all the data in a single spot) – after my own disappointments with flying long stretch and short take with my little ones. In spite of my lodge team information, despite everything, I needed to find any data that could make going with a newborn child and the flight simpler. Flying with an infant isn’t without its difficulties; however, it is MUCH superior to anything I foresaw – particularly with some exploration and planning. After much time was spent Googling and calling aircraft, I thought it merited sharing every one of my tips and insider airline steward information on the best way to go with an infant – so different guardians, similar to you, could feel less fatigued and spare some time. In spite of the fact that this whole site covers everything from flying with infants to more seasoned children in a great deal more profundity, (my very own experience starts with flying with a multi-month old infant, including 24 hour-long stretch flights), I figured a briefer rundown of my best tips for flying with an infant, would likewise be useful for the individuals who don’t have the opportunity to peruse the entire site. On the off chance that you have just reserved, at that point, this dense variant of how to fly with an infant may help you as well, yet this post broadly expounds. For a top to bottom data on specific focuses – simply click on the featured connections.
Don’t hesitate to participate with the prattle on my Flying with A Baby Facebook page too-there is a wide range of valuable counsel on there and on my Family Travel Tips Forum, where guardians everywhere throughout the world offer neighborhood guidance.
On the off chance that you are flying just because with your infant or baby, you may likewise discover my post on ‘What’s in store’ valuable as well.
Do fill me in regarding whether these flying with infant tips are valuable and offer to enable another parent to out!
Tips on Rules for Flying With a Baby, Lap Belt, and Car Seats, Baggage Allowance in addition to Airline Bassinets

Know the principles for flying with a child.

  • Decide whether you will fly with a lap child (where they sit on your lap generally for nothing or 10% of the passage) or on the off chance that you are going to buy a seat and utilize a vehicle seat or CARES bridle to fly with an infant. In the event that you are flying on a USA aircraft, this post on FAA affirmed vehicle seats would help!

Are you flying with an Infant as a Lap Baby/Car Seat or another restriction gadget?

  • If you are going with infant and considering acquiring an additional seat and utilizing your vehicle seat – take a gander at aircraft arrangements on vehicle situates first. A few aircraft permit both forward and back confronting vehicle situates on a plane seat, others just front aligned.
  • Often, they won’t fit on the new business and five-star style seats. For over one’s are all
    around permitted on specific seats.

On the off chance that you have two infants flying, and are flying without anyone else’s input, you should have at any rate one of a vehicle seat. On the off chance that you are flying on a USA aircraft, this post on FAA endorsed vehicle seats will be valuable!

Would I be able to get an aircraft bassinet?

  • If you are flying with a lap infant and if a plane bassinet is essential to you since you are
    flying long stretch, do take a gander at which aircraft give a bassinet, which is reasonable for your infant.
  • Age and weight prerequisites change from carrier to aircraft and regularly plane to plane. Most bassinets are appropriate for as long as eight months, and British Airways bassinets are reasonable for as long as two years of age – if your child meets the weight prerequisites.

At the point when we have traveled to Australia with my daughter(s) at different stages from 8 months to 13 months – a carrier which affected which aircraft I booked. It is certainly one of the top travel tips for flying with a child!

  • When you are going with a newborn child, check whether the bassinet is accessible before you book. Not very many aircraft will give you a chance to see bassinet seat accessibility during the booking procedure – so more regularly or not, you won’t discover until you get the opportunity to pick your seats – after you have paid.
  • If this is the situation, call your carrier and ask them what the bassinet seat accessibility resembles for a specific trip on a specific day. In the event that the framework shows it is free, at that point, there is a decent possibility despite everything it will be the point at which you go online to book the flight when flying with newborn children.

In any case, with the USA and Canadian carriers, this doesn’t have any significant bearing: for this situation, it is first-come, first-served at the door – so check in the right on time to amplify your odds.

  • Several aircraft enable you to pick your seat quickly on the off chance that you are flying with a baby – some for nothing! e.g., British Airways and Thai Airways.

In the event that you need to twofold check for a specific seat, take a gander at and put in your flight number where you can check the plane format. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about your flight number, don’t stress, you can enter the course and the carrier.

Are there things remittance for newborn children?

  • Look at the aircraft strategies close by gear and hold baggage. All aircraft permit in any
    event a vehicle seat or buggy – with the lion’s share permitting both for nothing.

Loads of aircraft give a newborn child things remittance as well, some for both lodge and hold stuff. On the off chance that you figure you will take a ton of stuff-take a gander at what every carrier gives.

  • That modest flight may not be so modest in the event that you need to pay extra for stuff. I regularly utilize a carriage or door check pack (member connection) and put a couple of additional things like nappies/diapers or delicate toys to likewise spare space in my hold gear and help ensure the buggy or vehicle seat more.
  • You may discover this post on the guidelines for flying with an infant valuable, as well.
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Can You Claim Gambling Losses on Your Taxes?


Gambling misfortunes are, without a doubt, charge deductible, yet just to the degree of your rewards. This expects you to report all the cash you win as assessable pay on your arrival. Be that as it may, the derivation for your misfortunes is just accessible on the off chance that you organize your conclusions. On the off chance that you guarantee the standard finding, at that point, you can’t diminish your duty by your gambling misfortunes.

Monitoring your rewards and misfortunes

The IRS expects you to keep a journal of your rewards and misfortunes as essential to deducting misfortunes from your rewards. This incorporates:

  • lotteries
  • raffles
  • horse and hound races
  • casino games
  • poker games
  • and sports betting

Your journal must include:

  • the date and sort of gambling you take part in
  • the name and address of the places where you bet
  • the individuals you bet with
  • and the sum you win and lose

Other documentation to demonstrate your misfortunes can include:

  • Form W-2G
  • Form 5754
  • wagering tickets
  • canceled checks or credit records
  • and receipts from the gambling office

Constraints on misfortune findings

The measure of gambling misfortunes you can deduct can never surpass the rewards you report as salary. For instance, on the off chance that you have $5,000 in rewards; however, $8,000 in misfortunes, your conclusion is restricted to $5,000. You couldn’t discount the remaining $3,000, or convey it forward to future years.

Announcing gambling misfortunes

To report your gambling misfortunes, you should order your personal duty conclusions on
Schedule A. You would commonly order conclusions if your gambling misfortunes, in addition to all other separated costs, are more noteworthy than the standard reasoning for your recording status. This implies on the off chance that you guarantee the standard finding, you are as yet committed to report and pay the charge on all rewards you acquire during the year. Be that as it may, you won’t have the option to deduct any of your misfortunes.

Just gambling misfortunes

The IRS doesn’t allow you just to subtract your misfortunes from your rewards and report your net benefit or deficit. Also, on the off chance that you have an especially unfortunate year, you can’t simply deduct your misfortunes without detailing any rewards. In Thailand online casino event that the IRS permitted this, at that point, it’s basically financing citizen gambling. Most importantly, losing cash at a casino or the race track doesn’t without anyone else’s input diminish your assessment bill. You have to initially owe charge on rewards before a misfortune conclusion is accessible. Along these lines, the best-case scenario, deducting your misfortunes, enables you to abstain from paying an assessment on your rewards, yet that’s it.

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Watch Guide: How to Find the Perfect Watch for Your Man

Are you thinking of getting a watch as a gift for the love of your life. Buying men’s watches in Malaysia is a lot different from women watch shopping. Help your man stay in perfect style by getting him the perfect timepiece he can wear this holiday season.

Casual and Classic

A brown or black leather watch band, and a basic white face with big numbers can bring a timeless vibe that works from daytime to evening. It can be worn at the office, on date night an even at semi-casual occasions.

If your sweetheart is quite rough with stuff, and prefers a rugged appearance, he may like a
leather cuff watch more.

The watch as an active accessory

Sports watches are just as crucial as classic timepieces in a man’s accessory arsenal. Sports
watches are highly durable, and are typically created from plastic material. There are also tons of options available, since they are available in a variety of price points, looks and colors. You can also enjoy several features, from backlights and compasses to GPS and pulse monitors. Whether he planning to play football or training for a triathlon, he would surely enjoy wearing this.

If he loves diving and extreme sports, go for a diving watch. It is designed to withstand a depth of around 300 feet, and balances luxury and high function.

For formal occasions

A formal watch is an important part of man’s watch collection. It is worn in special occasions. If you have a big budget, and wants to buy one for your man, here are some quick guidelines.

  • Make it personal. Take note of his personal preferences when watch shopping. You would want that timepiece to make him feel special.
  • Consider the watches he already owns. If possible, match the watch band to his cufflinks and other accessories. You can also pick a leather band in that color that works best with his dress clothes.
  • Let his own style and personality dictate how much the timepiece must sparkle. Your local jeweler surely has a vast spectrum of jewels available in order to decorate your man’s new dress watch. Just don’t forget to prioritize his comfort level.
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10 Actionable Affiliate Marketing Tips & Strategies for 2019

1. Figure out how to Outrank the Competition

Learning site design improvement (SEO) is the way to outranking your opposition in Google’s
query items. This alludes to the way toward improving your site’s perceivability in web index
While it tends to scare, partner advertisers must create SEO aptitudes to make their site increasingly obvious. Recollect that your site’s permeability will help in driving more traffic to your site and, thusly, improve your odds of making a deal.

2. Do ‘Apathetic’ Research

For fruitful individuals, investigate is a propensity, which implies that they are, in every case, inactively watchful to find out about fascinating things. As a subsidiary advertiser, you don’t need to go through hours sitting before your PC conceptualizing content thoughts.
Rather, you can get new thoughts while relaxed, looking through your social media news
sources. You can take a screen capture and keep them in a document and use them as motivation for your next battle.

3. Select a Profitable Affiliate Program

It is difficult to pick the correct associate advertising affiliate programs when there are such a large number of alternatives accessible. You’ll have to pursue a few rules so as to choose which items or administrations to advance.
Start by concentrating on your qualities as a specialist and limited your decisions with ones that fall in your specialty. This is significant in light of the fact that you need to ensure you have enough understanding and impact on the correct group of spectators to make a deal.

4. Have faith in the Product and Company You’re Marketing

Your honesty and validity as a specialist are the reason you have an engaged group of
spectators for your blog. It’s critical to remember this when picking a member’s accomplice.
Ensure your objectives for a subsidiary showcasing organization goes past, simply gaining cash
and show your devotees that you advance items and administrations in which you accept.
This is the equivalent for the company with which you’re banding together. Recall that you are loaning your name and brand to them as much as they are to you.
Concentrate on building associations with organizations that you would hold on as a client; this will add genuineness and uprightness to your image, and that manufactures dependability.

5. Utilize Low-cost Tools for Your Marketing Campaign

One of the geniuses of member showcasing is its ease. Utilize a free or “freemium” email advertising device, for example, Mailchimp, to enable you to fabricate an email list and convey pamphlets or offers.
When hoping to comprehend the nature of your associate accomplices, utilize a social media
observing instrument like Mention to follow what clients state about the supplier.

6. Stay away from the Common Pitfalls in Affiliate Marketing

Partner promoting becomes counterproductive when subsidiaries become pointlessly forceful with their battle as opposed to sitting tight for the opportune time. This can happen when they flood their crowd with messages and messages mentioning to attempt items they are advancing or when they advance their partner items in immaterial gatherings and discussions.

7. Make Product Tables
An item table or item examination outline condenses item features that are being promoted on a site. Perusers who like getting snappy outcomes would value a progressively visual rundown of information instead of perusing passages of data.
The most straightforward approach to do this is to make a rundown of all the top items alongside costs, audits, and features on one page, and supplement a purchase button with an offshoot connect toward the end.

8. Routinely Check Your Site for 404 Errors

At the point when clients click connects in your site and arrive at impasse 404 mistakes, they get disappointed and may stay away forever. Broken joins limit the progression of connection value all through your site, which adversely impacts rankings.
To maintain a strategic distance from these potential traps, you should occasionally check for broken connections on your whole site.
One approach to do this is by utilizing Google Analytics to check for terrible connections. Go to Content by Title on the dashboard and make a channel at the base by composing the title of
your site’s 404 mistake page in the clear box.

9. Recall That Payout Isn’t Everything

High payouts rates are incredible, yet a keen subsidiary advertiser will do some examination and discover why those payouts are so high. Get some information about the crusade and check Google Ads for information on income per click (EPC), change rates, and geo-inclusion of
related watchwords.

Your director ought to have the option to let you know whether the crusade is exceptionally
aggressive, or low volume, while Google Ads will assist you with deciding whether it will be hard to arrive qualified leads with the catchphrases. You ought to likewise look out for costly watchwords.

10. Plan a Professional Website

Structuring an expert site is significant, particularly for people who are hoping to make an extraordinary brand and assemble notoriety for themselves. They need a solid site that heaps rapidly, looks extraordinary, and never goes disconnected.

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6 Irresistible Tips for a Healthy Sex Life

Sex is without a doubt an important component in a healthy relationship. Although we all
want to be satisfied sexually, men have a problem of staying longer in battle, which
usually results in performance anxiety in most cases.

The thing is, men need not worry about it too much as any underlying medical condition
that contributed to their inability to last longer in bed are highly treatable. It all starts by
taking some male enhancement pills as these are proven to work for treating many
conditions that ail men.

Anyway, since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you are looking for tips to
help you achieve a healthier sex life. I won’t ramble on any longer as I will get straight to
the tips!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

For a man to obtain optimal sexual performance, their bodies must be healthy enough
to give them more vitality and vigor.

One of the things that you can do to achieve that would be to nourish your body with the
right nutrients by eating the right kinds of foods.

Some foods that are known to improve a man’s sexual health include leafy greens,
citrus fruits, nuts and legumes, meat and other protein sources, carrots, whole grains,
watermelon, salmon, oysters, just to name a few.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Let’s face it, men love to consume alcohol (well at least, the vast majority). Consuming
alcohol is not bad, per se, but it is definitely something that you want to tone down,
especially if you constantly find yourself drunk every single day.

Drinking copious amounts of alcohol can lead to physical impairments and it also ruins
your ability to make good decisions as well.

If you absolutely have to drink alcohol, consume only a glass or two a day. This goes for
red wine as well.

Don’t Forget to Communicate with Your Partner

Are you able to communicate freely and honestly with your partner? If the answer is no,
then you may want to change that.

Men who suffer from performance anxiety usually do so as a result of a seemingly non-
existent communication line with their partners.

They instantly assume that just because they cannot last longer in bed that their
partners are feeling dissatisfied almost immediately.

But, conveying how you feel and telling your partner everything can actually lead to a
much healthier relationship. If your partner really loves you, she will accept you for who
you are.

Get Some Exercise

Aside from having a well-balanced diet, it is also crucial for men to get some exercise.
Physical activity is required (outside of the bedroom) so that men can have optimal
performance all throughout their lives.

Exercise can help strengthen your muscles and improve your cognitive abilities and,
you will be happy to know that it also releases endorphins and testosterone as well.

Ditch the Butt

And I am not talking about your partner’s ass. I am talking about cigarettes. Cigarettes
contain a lot of nasty agents that can actually put a damper in your sexual health.

Nicotine and other carcinogens are present in every stick of cigarette, so if you are a
chain smoker, I highly recommend that you cut the habit as soon as possible.

Ask for Professional Advice

There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your inability to last longer in bed
as such a condition is actually quite common among men.

If you are suffering from any condition that could potentially lead you to reach climax
almost as soon as you’ve started, then seek the help and advice of a sex therapist.

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Funny Things to Do in Melaka

There is so much history and mysticism in Melaka. That is because it has many historical sites, prompting UNESCO to list this particular city in Malaysia as one of the world’s heritage sites.

But, despite its rich historical and cultural heritage, there are still some fun things to do in Melaka that aren’t that expensive. In fact, you can even bring a KL Girl Escort in Malaysia with you during your travel into this city.
So today, I am going to talk about some of those fun things in this article.

Go on a History Tour

As mentioned earlier in the article, Melaka is known for its historical sites. That is why the first thing in your itinerary would be to visit some of these sites. And, fortunately for you, some of these tours are actually quite inexpensive and there are some that you can do absolutely for free!

Well, the first place that you want to go to would be the Red Square. Also known as the Dutch Square by locals, this is where you can find most of the established buildings by the Dutch people during the Dutch colonization period.

If you are a Christian or you just want to look at some amazing churches, you can go to Christ Church in Melaka so that you can attend a mass there. Masses in the place may be conducted either in English or Chinese.

Head on over to Jonker Street where you can find one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. This is a good place for Buddhists to worship but even if you do not practice or believe in the religion, you can marvel at its architecture and its historical importance.

Built in 1521, the St. Paul’s Church in Melaka is now in ruins, but some of it has been restored somehow.

And lastly, you can head on over to the A’Famosa Fort which is a Portuguese fort that was built back in 1511.

Eat Some Spicy Fish

One of the staples in Melaka is a Spicy and Sour fish stew known as the Asam Pedas. Fortunately, you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it and it is definitely something that I would recommend to travelers.

‘Set Sail’ at the Maritime Museum

The Portuguese is just one of the many European powers that colonized Malaysia back in the day. And, just like the Dutch Square, there are still some structures that are preserved to this day that tells about a part of Malaysia’s history.

If you want to know more about the Portuguese Colonization era, go to the Maritime and Naval Museum. The Museum is shaped like a Portuguese Ship and contains all of the information that you need to know about that time in Malaysia.

Experience the Peranakan Life

Back in the 15th Century, the Peranakans or Chinese immigrants went to Malaysia in droves. Since then, they’ve created Peranakan or Nyonya memoirs that are still made to this day.

Have Some Seafood

If you want a relatively inexpensive seafood dinner, then go to Medan Ikan Bakar Parameswara- a seafood haven for people on a budget.

Shop at a Dutch-inspired Place

Last but not least is doing some shopping at the Freeport A’FAmosa- an open-air Dutch colonial Era-style shopping village.

Here, you can find more than 70 designer brands that offer huge discounts- even up to 70%!

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Plan Your Vacation: Stay at The Best Hotel in Solaris Dutamas, Malaysia

Talking about hotels to stay in, hotels in Solaris Dutamas are for the most service residences that are associated or near KL’s most famous shopping centers and milestones. An in vogue business and expat-accommodating neighborhood around a short distance drive from the downtown area, the travelers can discover a lot of trendy person bistros and global cafés offering bona fide Asian foods. Aside from this, this is also a perfect place to enjoy your vacation with an Escort Girl KL in Malaysia for accompanying you.

Aside from hotel amenities, there are a lot of activities here, from looking for neighborhood products at the end of the week markets to getting a charge out of craftsmanship presentations and worldwide film celebrations throughout the entire year. Ideal for those hoping to appreciate some touring past Kuala Lumpur downtown area, every one of which offers roomy guestrooms, well-prepared kitchenette, and advantageous offices that suit pretty much any travelers.

Richmond and Aston Kiara Suites KL

A stay at Richmond and Aston Kiara Suites KL place you in the core of Kuala Lumpur. Featured conveniences incorporate complimentary wired Internet get to, express registration, and express registration roundtrip air terminal transport is accommodated an extra charge, and free self-stopping is accessible on location.

Wedgewood Residences

Wedgewood Residences, deliberately situated in Mont Kiara, offers facilities planned only for expatriates. Set under short distance drive from the frenzied downtown area this five-star hotel is home for everyone where they can guarantee protection and selectiveness each floor houses under four units each. Perfect for both short-and long haul stays, every unit accompanies a kitchenette outfitted with essential machines and the latest modern technologies.

Damas Suites and Residences

This hotel is a four-star inn found a short way from KL city centre. An incredible spot for shopping and food. There is a seven-story complex its inside plan is current and modern with loads of glass and chrome highlights, yet the lodging keeps up its warm feel because of well disposed and certifiable staff. There is quite a lot more to do than simply rest here – we cherished taking late-night plunges in the rooftop edge pool and getting a charge out of a fruity mixed drink from the bar while absorbing the Jacuzzi.

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A Couple of Ways Affiliate Marketing Can Transform Your Blog

A lot of people want to become bloggers now for a variety of different reasons and no
matter what reason you have for creating your own blog, at some point, you’re going to
have to monetize it.

Now, there are a couple of options for you to do that. You can either implement
Adsense, do some consultation services, selling ebooks and courses, e-commerce, and
so much more. Although these are great options, nothing can bring your more success
in the online industry other than affiliate marketing.
That’s right, affiliate marketing is a blogger’s best friend should they want to earn money
while they drift off to sleep.

Today, I am going to talk about a couple of ways affiliate marketing can transform your
blog into a money-making machine.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before I start, I want to first define what it is. Affiliate marketing is essentially a type of
marketing wherein you refer people to your partner merchant’s website through the use
of your blog posts.

Think of this as your way to convince people to make a purchase without outright being
like a real salesman.

As a blogger, it is your job to gain a sizable audience and to keep new and existing
prospects to keep coming back to your website to help improve your website’s traffic.

There are 3 key characters in this story. The first is the company or the advertiser and
they will be the ones to come up with the products to sell. They will also be the ones to
give you an affiliate link which you should incorporate in your content.

The second character is the affiliate (you). You can promote your partner’s products
either by talking about the products themselves or creating a relevant post that tells your
audience what products they need to solve a particular need or problem.

Then, there is the audience or the reader which will, given enough luck and effort, turn
to your prospects and give you commissions by buying the products that you promote.

How It Will Transform Your Blog

Affiliate marketing can help transform your blog in a number of ways, such as:

1. Helps Generate Income

When you publish great content and so long as your audience buys from the affiliate
links that you are given, you can rest assured that you are going to get a sizable income
for your efforts.

2. Improves Your Credibility

If you become a successful affiliate marketer, the industry can help you rise to the top of
your chosen niche. In other words, your reputation and credibility will improve manifold if
you engage and become successful in affiliate marketing.

3. Helps You Build a Community

Strong relationships are always built on trust along with communication. Through your
content, you will not only help your audience solve their problems but it can also help
you build a strong community- one that will support you in any way they can.

4. Helps You Build Stronger Ties with Merchants

Remember that news travels fast in business and if your current company is happy with
the results of your effort, they will not hesitate to recommend you to their partners as well.

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The Best Hiking Watches for Outdoor Adventurers

1. Casio Multi-Function Watch

This multi-functional timepiece from Casio is great for cycling, hiking and other similar
activities. It is highly comfortable with a nylon watch band, and is water-resistant to up to 300 feet under water. The Casio multi-functional watch comes with a vast range of features, from thermometer, barometer and altimeter to LED display and GPS.

2. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

The Garmin Fenix 5X is not just a watch for showmanship. It is attractive, but despite its
intricate details, it is wearable and comes with lots of features. With its three-axis compass, you will never get lost in any of your adventures. This watch is very lightweight you wouldn’t even feel that it is on your wrist.

3. Timex Expedition Rugged Analog

Are you looking for an affordable hiking watch? There are tons of sleek watch designs in
Malaysia, but only few can live up to its purpose. The Timex Expedition Rugged Analog watch can be the answer to your needs. It is cheap, and can be used it in different watersport activities.

4. Garmin Fenix Hiking

The Garmin Fenix Hiking Watch is one of the best, most popular mountaineering watches in the market today. From its extreme waterproof features to the stylish all-black chassis, it is definitely a steal as a timepiece on its own. With the help of its worldwide base map, you can store over 1,000 custom waypoints, and more than 10,000 track points all of optimal tracking. You will have no problem walking back to your camping site.

5. Suunto Core Hiking

The Suunto Core Hiking watch will always have your back. So many people love this watch because of its all-inclusive features. It not only stylish, it is also delivers every meter you need.
The watch’s band is highly comfortable. For many people, wearing stretching metal watch bands is annoying because of it catching arm hair. Fortunately, with this Suunto watch, that is not a problem.

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